A snowy aerial photo of Deer Valley.

A Note from Todd Bennett: December 12, 2023

Our Promise: Deer Valley’s Partnership for Park City’s Success

Deer Valley has been a proud member of the Park City community for more than 40 years. We have grown together over that time, and we are just as committed to this community as we were on day one. On my first trip to Park City 15 years ago, I immediately knew how special it is. Now, as a member of the Deer Valley team, I feel the responsibility to serve as a steward to both a world-class destination and to this one-of-a-kind place we call home.  

I understand how delicate that balance is — I grew up in a small town that similarly has great pride in who they are and what the community means to them. That is why I am so proud of our work with Mayor Worel and the Council to forge a partnership that would enable us to grow thoughtfully— together.  

For several decades, many different variations of the plans have been contemplated by the resort. The proposed vacation of the right of way allows us to build a village that will deliver the best possible arrival experience for our guests and community while seamlessly integrating into the mountain experience.   

This project reflects the interests and values of our guests, community members, and staff. For the past several months, we have been working in close coordination with our partners at the city to ensure that all voices have a chance to be heard and approached this undertaking with a thorough understanding of our community’s needs. There are few items I’d like to highlight:   

  • First, how are we helping the community outside of Lower Deer Valley? 
    • We have committed $15 million to build a regionally significant transportation and parking facility that will help alleviate congestion in the city during ski season and encourage public transportation.
    • This funding will also support affordable housing, above and beyond the Snow Park Village housing requirements.
  • Second, how are we ensuring a world class experience at Deer Valley? 
    • A walkable, pedestrian friendly and sustainable village with retail, dining and more. Having more options will spread the skier egress flow leading to the “linger longer effect”.
    • Decrease the number of available day skier parking spaces by 20% to further reduce vehicle traffic in the Snow Park area.
    • Implement a paid parking plan that will encourage carpooling and help distribute arrivals and departures more efficiently.
    • Deliver a modern transit center which will include electric charging stations.
    • Create a multi-use path network which includes roadway improvements, sidewalks, traffic signals, and public utility upgrades all at Deer Valley’s expense.
  • Lastly, open a new portal on US 40 with 1,200 new parking spaces and integrate our lift infrastructure across the mountain with an expanded network of high-capacity gondolas connecting Snow Park Village to the Mayflower base area.  This new connection, which we are calling the East West Connection, will reduce crowding at key entry points and divert a portion of the traffic and congestion away from Park City.

On January 10, 2024, we will be hosting the first in a series of open house workshops at Snow Park Lodge to listen to and work with our community as we proceed with the Planning Commission process. This effort is aimed at ensuring that the final plan recognizes our neighbors’ concerns and explores collaborative solutions to a plan that enhances the Deer Valley experience, is sustainable and is compatible with the needs of the community.

I believe that ski towns are the best kind of towns. We have unparalleled nature, adventure, and culture. I am confident we will do great things together. I look forward to the journey ahead working with you, the city staff, and the planning commission to evolve Deer Valley, and Park City, into something great.