New Village and Portal

A rendering of the new base village and portal at Deer Valley.
A rendering detailing the new parking and village at Deer Valley.
A winter rendering of the new base area at Deer Valley.
A Deer Valley employee storing a pair of skis.
A child happily bouncing on a bed in a hotel room.
What is Expanded Excellence?

Expanded Excellence is a collection of projects that will evolve and elevate the Deer Valley experience for future generations. From the adventures that await you in our Major Terrain Expansion anchored by the New Village and Portal Area to the bustling energy of a reimagined Snow Park Village to the Revitalization of Existing Facilities.

What will be included in the new Village and portal area?

The New Village and Portal area is projected to have several restaurants, a ski school, including children’s programs, an ice-skating facility and the largest “ski beach” in North America. Upon completion, the New Village and Portal area will include nearly 1,700 residential units, 800 hotel rooms across multiple properties, 250,000-square-feet of retail and commercial space, and 68,000-square-feet for recreation.  

How will guests access the new village and portal area?

Guests will now be able to access Deer Valley through a New Village and Portal. Notably, the additional new gateway offers an alternate arrival option to Deer Valley via U.S. Route 40 with 1,200 new day skier parking spaces and promises to not only elevate the arrival experience but also ease traffic flow within Park City. The New Village and Portal area is approximately 40 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport on a route that doesn’t currently include a single stoplight.

Will Deer Valley be expanding their Lodging and Property Management services to include this area?

The new village will include over 800 hotel rooms and nearly 1,700 residential units. Deer Valley will evaluate all future opportunities to see if they align with our mission of providing unparalleled service & experience and then determine if including those units in our Lodging Portfolio makes sense.