Snow Park Base Transformation

A rendering of the new Snow Park Village at Deer Valley.
A child enjoys a fresh baked cookie.
A Deer Valley employee helps guests carry their equipment.
A family enjoying a chairlift ride at Deer Valley.
A group of friends enjoying a beautiful view.


Snow Park Village in 1981.


A view of Snow Park looking down from the mountain.


A group of skiers being instructed.


Snow Park lodge at dusk.


Rendering of the new Snow Park Village.
What is Expanded Excellence?

Expanded Excellence™ is a collection of projects that will evolve and elevate the Deer Valley experience for future generations. From the adventures that await you in our Major Terrain Expansion anchored by the New Village and Portal to the bustling energy of a reimagined Snow Park Village to the Revitalization of Existing Facilities.

What is the Snow Park Village base development proposal and why is it needed?

The Snow Park Lodge has been an iconic entry point for Deer Valley skiers since the opening of the resort in 1981. Over the past 40 years, much of the original Deer Valley master plan, submitted by the resort founders and approved by Park City officials in 1977 has been achieved; the last major piece being the development of the Snow Park base area.

An updated vision for the Snow Park base means investing in Deer Valley’s storied legacy for decades to come, while further elevating the guest experience and setting a higher industry standard, something for which Deer Valley is well known. In keeping with the resort’s 40-year vision, we do not anticipate requesting material deviations from Deer Valley Resort’s previously approved Master Plan Development agreement with Park City Municipal Corporation.

What is included in the plans for Snow Park Village?

The new base area will provide additional accommodations and skier services, new contemporary food and beverage and après options, plus an expansive, sunset-facing ski beach. A new integrated transportation and mobility hub with multiple access points from new parking facilities will dramatically improve the current guest arrival and mountain access experience. Snow Park Village will feature architecture and design inspired by the mountains, allowing the natural setting to flow through the new plaza, offering an array of activities and mountain views.

When will construction start and how long will it take?

Pending approvals, construction will begin in 2024 on utilities and the underground parking structures that will serve as the base for buildings and a pedestrian plaza connecting them. We hope to complete work on the entire Snow Park Village area as soon as we can, to minimize disruption to our guests and the community. We will share additional schedule information as things progress.

Where will people park if buildings are built on the parking lots?

During the course of the Snow Park project, a series of parking garages will replace the surface lots. Parking areas will be separated by use for day skiers, hotel guests, residents, and employees. This arrangement will improve efficiency for all users.

Will there be paid parking?

We are considering a move to paid parking in the future to encourage more guests and residents to access the resort via Park City Transit, instead of driving private vehicles, and to help mitigate future traffic increases.

Will the updated Snow Park area increase traffic congestion?

Our goal is to limit traffic congestion by increasing the efficiency of existing roads and transit routes. We are designing a central mobility hub and designating specific access points for different types of use, including transit, private cars, delivery trucks, rideshare vehicles, etc.

How will the winter ski season be affected?

Work will be phased and limited in winter months to minimize disruption. The resort intends to maintain the current number of parking spaces available during the ski season. Ski schools will run as normal, although ski school drop-offs could be affected in the future. Additional information will be posted when available. Ski corral service will remain available.

Will summer activities be affected?

As work on Snow Park progresses, some spring, summer and fall activities may be temporarily affected in future years. Additional details will be posted as they become available.

How will this affect neighboring properties in the Snow Park Village area?

As we have contemplated and considered options for the Snow Park base, we have been aware of the need to create a space that complements its surroundings and limits disruption, both during construction and over the long term. We hope to achieve both of those goals with good planning, good partners, and good relations with our neighbors and community members. We do not anticipate requesting material deviations from Deer Valley Resort’s Master Plan Development agreement with Park City Municipal Corporation. That document, for example, limits building heights to 45 feet (typically four stories). We are reaching out to neighboring residents and the broader community regularly throughout the Snow Park process. Questions regarding the project can be submitted here.

How will potential changes to the Deer Valley Drive loop affect residents and visitors?

Changes to Deer Valley Drive are being considered as part of the Snow Park Village project to help distribute traffic efficiently and proactively respond to Park City’s “Transit First” goal to reduce vehicle use. We are discussing potential traffic circulation plans with the city, which owns the Deer Valley Drive right-of-way, and with residents and homeowners associations in the lower Deer Valley area.

Initial plans anticipate dividing traffic flow at the “Y” intersection at the entrance to the Deer Valley area. Transit vehicles and residents along Deer Valley Drive West would have priority on that stretch of the road. Transit vehicles would proceed along Doe Pass Road to a new welcome center and transit hub near the center of the village. Day skiers, hotel guests, and residents would access their destinations from Deer Valley Drive East. It is important to note that no decisions have been made and we continue to work with local residents and Park City government to assess the pros and cons of different options.

How tall will the buildings be?

The approved master plan for Deer Valley limits buildings in the Snow Park area to a maximum height of 45 feet. That typically allows for buildings of up to four stories. Deer Valley is not seeking additional heights for the new Snow Park.

How will views from neighboring areas be affected?

Our designers have invested a great deal of time studying how to best place and orient buildings to limit shadows and impacts to neighbors’ views. Deer Valley’s intent is to design and position buildings in ways that respect views from surrounding buildings and create connections between Snow Park and its neighbors. Planning for previous iterations of Snow Park improvements over the years has helped hone designs that will maximize these goals.